The white house in Washington cordoned off because of suspicious package

North lawn of the White house in Washington cordoned off on Monday in celebration of memorial Day, informs Reuters referring to the American media. According to them, the Secret police do not allow journalists to leave the White house through the West gate, around the visible flashing lights of the emergency services.

The reason for the cordon of the White house was an unknown incident, according to Breaking 911. According to him, it happened around 12:15 local time — after a few minutes after President Barack Obama returned from the ceremony at Arlington cemetery.

According to BNO News, in the area of the White house were visible to firefighters.

Later, Federal law enforcement officials announced radio WTOP-FM that the unknown man threw an object over the fence of the North lawn of the White house. The man was taken into custody, the contents of the package are now investigating law enforcement officers.

Memorial day is celebrated in USA every year on the last Monday of may and is dedicated to the memory of American soldiers killed in all wars and armed conflicts in which the US participated.