Erdogan said about the lack of understanding of the requirements of Moscow to improve relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he wants to improve relations with Russia, but does not understand what “first step” in improving relations expects from Ankara to Moscow. He said this in Izmir before flying to an African tour, according to Reuters.

Erdogan said that countries must work together to improve relations. However, he stressed that it is concerned that the relationship could be sacrificed due to “pilot error”.

At a press conference on may 27 following the visit to Greece by Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia wants to restore relations with Turkey, but Ankara has not made for that “concrete steps”. “We hear [the Turkish side] about the desire to resume the relationship. We also want to get back together. We are not them destroyed,” said Putin.

According to the President of Russia, “in addition to desires to get back together need to do something else to do.” Moscow is in contact with Ankara and expects “some concrete steps” on its part, said the Russian President. Putin reminded that Russia is not heard an apology to Turkey, as well as statements about the readiness to repair the damage. Earlier, Russian politicians have repeatedly stated that demand that Turkey apologize for downed in November 2015 the plane.

Commenting on Putin’s statement, the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu yesterday, 30 may, urged “to establish a joint working group to discuss future steps of the party”. In the Kremlin, the proposal was considered inadequate. “No, the working group is unable to solve this problem, it can only make the Turkish leadership, which Moscow would expect those actions about which President Putin spoke in Athens,” — said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

Also on the eve of the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus Avil that Russian-Turkish relations, there are no unsolvable problems. He stressed that, in his opinion, relations with Russia will be restored “after a short time”, adding that no country can afford to sacrifice relations with the other. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister said he believes it is possible a speedy restoration of relations between Russia and Turkey.

The deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey occurred after the Turkish air force in November 2015 shot down a Russian su-24 bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border. Moscow in retaliation has imposed on Ankara, a number of economic constraints.

Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that they will resume cooperation with Turkey, if Ankara recognizes the responsibility and apologized for the downed Russian plane.