Former sales UBS Bank has demanded compensation for his dismissal

Former Salzman shares in the Bank UBS Group AG demanded through the Paris labour Tribunal compensation of $1 million for the “wrongful termination,” according to Bloomberg. We are talking about Bertrand Tissier, who worked in UBS Secutiries France SA more than three years. He claims that a few months before he left the company in December 2013, the employer “limited his opportunities.”

UBS denies the allegations. According to the company, Tissier left her because he found another job. In this interview in that company, where he later settled, he started walking back in August.

The lawyer of the former salesmen Ivan Hecht said that, according to Tissier, the Bank arranged without his knowledge a meeting with his clients, in particular, AXA SA. Also, says Hecht, his client was “inexplicably” lowered to salesmen two months after appointment to a management position.

“It is tantamount to dismissal,” said Hecht in court. In this situation Tissier was forced to terminate the labor contract, however, the responsibility for his care rests fully on UBS, said the lawyer.

The Bank’s lawyer Jean-Michel Sauron in turn, said in court that Tissier asked to discuss the terms agreed by both parties termination of the contract to leave the company with the award. However, the company refused, after which he “went to the hospital in November 2013. “He left UBS on their own”, — said the lawyer.

He also said that Tissier “strategically set out to create the conditions” for that was the appearance that his departure is guilty UBS. In particular, he asked to take part in the big London conference 48 hours prior to its beginning, while not inviting to any customer.

According to Siurana, the leaders tried to motivate and guide” Tissier, adding that he was not satisfied with my salary.