Pyongyang once again unsuccessfully launched ballistic missile

The launch of a ballistic missile North Korea has failed, said on Tuesday, may 31, the South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing the statement of the Committee of chiefs of staffs of the country.

“North Korea tried to launch a missile from near Wonsan at around 5:20 a.m., but the launch, as we believe, did not succeed”, – said in a statement.

According to Agency sources, it probably is about the missile the “Musudan” medium-range missiles. Earlier in Pyongyang were three attempts to launch a similar rocket, but they all failed.

That the DPRK to prepare the next launch of a ballistic missile, told Japanese TV channel NHK. Citing its sources, the channel reported that the Japanese authorities are on high alert because of possible imminent rocket launch by the DPRK.

The authorities of South Korea in turn said that closely monitoring any signs of a possible missile launch and also are on high alert.

The Agency, citing South Korean officials noted that Pyongyang has informed the UN about the upcoming plans for the launch.