Scammers for a year has stolen from the EU budget of almost €1 billion

The amount of funds illegally obtained from the EU budget, amounted in 2015 to €888 million, says the report of the European Bureau for combating fraud. This equals approximately 0.6% of the total expenditure of Brussels, which concentrated on the support of farmers and poor regions, Reuters reports.

During the year the Bureau has initiated nearly 1,400 investigations. As one example, the Agency resulting in a payment of €1.3 million for the modernization of the enterprise for frozen vegetables in Bulgaria. Inspectors found that the equipment supplier and the factory owner are one and the same person, which is overpriced works.

Another Scam related to the supply of solar panels from China. Importers, according to Reuters, European tricked the authorities by providing false documents about the country of origin and thus avoiding high import duties.

The maximum number of the fraud Desk staff was discovered in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. In the previous year suspicious payment was made in the amount of €901 million, Reuters reports.

For comparison, the Agency cites in the UK, whose social security system 50% more than the EU budget. There losses from fraud accounts for 0.7 percent.

General Director Giovanni Kessler said that he does not believe in widespread corruption in the EU. According to him, a sharp rise in fraud, discovered after 2013, suggests that his Agency does its work, encouraging people to report suspected cases of budget spending.