The state Department warned Americans about the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe this summer

The warning, issued by the state Department on Tuesday, said that “a large number of tourists coming to Europe in the summer months, will be a major target for terrorists planning attacks in public places especially at large-scale events”.

Special attention in the message is given to the European championship on football which will be held in France from 10 June to 10 July, the Catholic world youth day, scheduled to take place in Poland at the end of July.

During the soccer championship as potential terrorist targets, the state Department called the stadiums, fanzone and mass viewing of matches in France and throughout Europe. It is noted that the danger persists when attending large-scale sporting events and places of a mass congestion of people across Europe.

In France there is a regime of emergency imposed after last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris. He extended to July 26, to cover the period of the Cycling race Tour de France in the period from 2 to 24 July.

Congress of young Catholics dedicated to the world youth day will be held in Cracow from 26 to 31 July. It is expected to 2.5 million people. In the period from 4 July to 2 August, Poland will strengthen border control, and throughout the country will be carried out passport checks and searches to ensure security.

This warning is valid through August 31, the state Department said.

In late may, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the threat of terrorist attacks by banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. “France is probably the number one target for ISIS… the Threat remains extremely high. It has never been higher,” he told BFM TV.

The head of French intelligence Patrick calvar also recognized the existence of a terrorist threat. As reported by the American broadcaster NBC, he told French MPs that the intelligence agencies are likely to face new type of terror acts, the terrorists will be to place explosive devices in places of a mass congestion of people “in order to sow maximum terror”.