A court in Kiev has banned the authorities of Ukraine to pay Russia loan of $3 billion

The Goloseevsky district court of Kiev on may 30 imposed a temporary ban on the payment of the debt on the loan of $3 billion, which Russia has extended to Ukraine in December 2013. This follows from the statements of the movement “Force of law” aid “directly affected by the Russian military aggression”. As stated in the message, the court made such decision, having considered the statement by Irina Vergina.

According to “UKRINFORM”, Verigin, member of coordinating Council of the “Force of law”, she had to leave Luhansk, and now demands that Russia compensate for the losses it sustained as a result of the conflict in the Donbass. The court took security measures at her claim and decided “to suspend making payments on external state borrowing of Ukraine to the Russian Federation” in the amount of $3 billion and accrued interest under a contract signed on 24 December (the website of the movement publishes photocopies of court orders).

The decision of the court to the government, the Ministry of Finance and the national Bank of Ukraine and other state authorities and officials are prohibited from making “any activity associated with making payments on external state borrowing of Ukraine to the Russian Federation”.

The leader of the movement “effectiveness” Andriy Senchenko, who was quoted by “UKRINFORM”, said that the court’s decision was an interim measure in the framework of the lawsuit Original to Russia as compensation for the losses caused by the military conflict in the Donbass. He expects that Russia bad credit will be spent on repayment of similar claims in favor of the Ukrainian citizens.

Moscow denies any accusations that the armed conflict in the Donbass was attended by the Russian military. The Russian authorities also insist that Moscow did not exert any influence on events in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

Financial assistance for $3 billion, Russia has provided Ukraine in the end of 2013. Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that the support of the brotherly people and brotherly country.” In the beginning of 2014 in Ukraine the power was replaced, at the end of 2015 Kiev has imposed a moratorium on the payment of Russia’s debt.

Russia in February 2016, filed a lawsuit in London’s High court for the recovery of Ukraine’s debt in the debt of $3 billion Kiev now proves the invalidity of the agreement on financial assistance concluded in the end of 2013. According to the Ukrainian authorities, who challenged the legality of the debt to Russia in the English court, the agreement was under duress from Moscow, which throughout 2013 has provided the pressure on Kiev, trying to prevent the Association agreement of Ukraine with the EU.