“Caught off guard” why the arrested mayor of Vladivostok

As they searched the mayor and his team

Searches in the mayoralty of Vladivostok began on Wednesday morning local time. In the operation took part the employees of the FSB in Primorsky Krai and the Central office of the Investigative Committee. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, searches were also held at the house of the mayor Igor Pushkarev and companies associated with his family, in particular, at the main office of JSC “Vostokcement” and JSC “Vladivostok bucksbunny plant”. According to local media, city hall, law enforcement authorities issued 20 cardboard boxes of documents.

The source in local RCDS told that the case was classified from the seaside investigators. The source of “Interfax” in law enforcement claimed that Pushkareva was transferred to Moscow, but around noon a source close to city hall, said that Pushkarev is located in Vladivostok. “Come with searches, but nothing found. Pushkareva then taken to the FSB Department in Vladivostok for questioning in Moscow, he was not sent”, — the interlocutor told .

This information was confirmed by the head of the Primorsky branch of the party “Yabloko” Nikolay Markovtsev, the past Vice mayor of Vladivostok. “They took him to search his country house, then no one saw him, — Markovtsev said. — In the mayor’s office, they seized documents, phone numbers of Deputy mayor [of Constantine] and Loboda [Alexei] Litvinova, they themselves questioned. Litvinov was released, and if detained Loboda and Pushkareva unclear because no one says anything, and law enforcement agencies give conflicting information. On the steps of city hall during the operation were alarmed by the Deputy mayor, for him it was clear that they were caught off guard”.

As told a source in law enforcement bodies, with Litvinov, who oversees the Department of town planning and architecture, and first Deputy mayor Loboda took a subscription about nondisclosure.

What is the main version of the investigation

Currently detained two suspects. As said the official representative of the TFR Vladimir Markin, on Pushkarev and Director MUPV “Roads of Vladivostok” Andrey Lushnikov filed a case under articles “abuse of office powers, entailed heavy consequences” and “commercial bribery”. In SKR and FSB claim that the investigators will soon go to court with the petition for arrest. The maximum sentence for abuse of office — three years in prison for commercial bribery and seven years.

According to the TFR, Pushkarev “organized the acquisition of” municipal enterprise “Roads of Vladivostok “building materials in large volume,” the group of companies “Vostoktsement”. Purchases were carried out at inflated prices, and Pushkarev personally received no less than 45 million rubles, Markin noted, as a result of “Roads of Vladivostok” was damaged in a RUB 158 million. in addition, claims Markin, Pushkarev handed Lushnikova money in the amount of not less than 1,4 million rubles in commercial bribery. “For this Lushnikov ensured the acquisition of the constituent companies of the group “Vostokcement” materials for the execution of municipal contracts for repair and maintenance of roads,” — said Markin. The TFR States that “Vostokcement” controlled by close relatives of the mayor.

The damage from the actions Pushkareva is more than 160 million rubles, said in a statement posted on the website of the FSB. There is not specified what constitutes this amount.

A law enforcement source says that investigators are checking as a company “spassktsement”, based in the seaside town of Spassk-Dalny, where Pushkarev started his political career. The interlocutor in the mayoralty of Vladivostok alleges that checks have been going on for more than a year, but recently they have intensified, because now they oversee Federal law enforcement.

Claims FAS

The TFR statement largely repeats the results of check FAS released in September of 2015. According to the conclusions of the Antimonopoly Agency, Igor Pushkarev has used his position for the conclusion of municipal contracts are not good for the city. As reported by FAS, Vostokcement”, run by the brothers of the mayor Andrey and Vladimir Pushkarev, since 2008, has supplied the asphalt, concrete and gravel for all road works in the city. In total, the city government spent over the past four years 426 procurement of 9 billion rubles, calculated in the FAS. Them from 7.14 billion rubles were paid on contracts MUPV “Roads of Vladivostok”, which bought the materials for completion of works for the sum of 989 million rubles from OOO “DV-Cement”, included in the company “Vostokcement”.

According to “SPARK-Interfax”, Andrey Pushkarev is the CEO of the company, and Vladimir Pushkarev — his first Deputy.

The decision of the FAS are the words of an anonymous witness, who claimed that immediately after the appointment Pushkareva for the post of the head of Vladivostok, were established conditions for carrying out auctions with the aim of providing to companies controlled by sales of manufactured inerts”. According to him, the auctions were carried out on large amounts unaffordable for many companies, with the condition that 30% provision of contract and lack of payment “is supposed to prevent auctions for smaller companies”. According to the FAS, “is a group of people headed by the head of administration of Vladivostok, consisting of OOO “Vostokcement” and under its control entities, is a party to a prohibited antitrust law agreement.”

As the mayor fell out with the Governor

Pushkarev was elected mayor of Vladivostok in 2008, before he was four years a member of the Federation Council from legislative Assembly of the territory. On election, he presented himself as “a man of the Kremlin” and scored 57% of the vote. In 2013, he was re-elected to his post, gaining 60% of votes.

Media and politicians from the outset attributed Pushkarev gubernatorial ambition, causing him conflict with the former Governor, Sergei Darkin, and appointed in 2012 by the former rector of far East state University Vladimir Miklushevsky. “The cat ran between Pushkareva and Miklushevsky immediately after the appointment of the Governor. Pushkarev snapped at the meetings were published in the controlled media criticism of the Governor, in response to regional TV, subservient Miklushevsky criticized Pushkarev. The mayor acted as if behind him there are great people in Moscow”, — says ex-Deputy mayor Markovtsev.

The conflict of the mayor and the Governor escalated in the fall for the upcoming 2016 elections of deputies of the legislative Assembly, said the Deputy of the regional Parliament from the Communist party Artem Samsonov. “Two teams from the “United Russia” — the team Pushkareva and Has a team — were ready to fight for mandates among themselves. Have Pushkareva has ambitions to take the place of Governor of the region, it is not surprising that there is confrontation over a obedient legislative Assembly”, — said the Deputy. Pushkarev was the party primaries for the selection of candidates on elections in regional legislative Assembly. State Duma Deputy from Primorye Alexey Kornienko suggests that the mayor went to the elections of the regional Parliament, then to get to the Federation Council. A source in city hall said that Pushkarev was not going to go to Moscow, but expected for the place of speaker of the legislative Assembly of the territory. In the end the mayor won the primaries.

30 may Miklushevsky met with President Vladimir Putin, in the open part of Miklushevsky briefed the President on measures for the development of youth sport in the region. Former Deputy mayor Nikolai Markovtsev sure Miklushevsky was able at that meeting to complain about Pushkareva and this has led to an intensification of law enforcement.

“The conflict between the Governor and Pushkareva no, all questions to law enforcement bodies”, — assured the press Secretary Has refused to answer specific questions. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov noted that it is not the competence of the Governor to conduct investigations. “I can’t tell you, don’t know,” he added, answering the question reported whether Miklushevsky about this situation to the President.

What else did you find out FAS

In 2015, FAS twice awarded, which related to the companies associated with the family of the mayor of Vladivostok. Even before reports of violations with the supply of cement, in June, the service concluded that the city administration has created unequal conditions for municipal carriers “Vladivostok passenger motor transportation enterprise № 3” and “the Vladivostok, the industrial Association of passenger motor transport No. 1” which received contracts without competition and paid from the budget of the municipal bus companies. According to the findings of the FAS, earned on bus service company “Park Asset” under control, according to the Agency mother and brother Pushkarev.To conduct an audit, FAS has also attracted the forces of the local Directorate of the FSB and the interior Ministry. As a result, the service concluded, as appears from its decisions that it not only violated the antitrust laws, but also Budget, and penal codes. In the current version message of the TFR violations related to the transportation doesn’t sound.

With the participation of Elena Mesinai, Matutinal by Maria, Anastasia Mikhailova