Gref will offer banks to create a network to combat cyber threats

The Prime Minister meets with bankers will be held in Sberbank on June 3, according to “Vedomosti”. The initiator of the meeting was Sberbank, the sources told the publication. Several Federal officials and employee of the Bank — participant of the meeting told Vedomosti that the meeting will be dedicated to kiberbezopasnosti. Press Secretary Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova confirmed this.

According to interlocutors of the edition, Gref at the meeting with the Prime Minister and bankers will talk about the center of cyber threats and the monitoring system of suspicious transactions of the savings Bank. He is going to offer banks to establish on the basis of this center, the network against cybercrime.

The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” of the bankers say that the theme of the meeting is stated as “the discussion of the situation in the banking system”. Among other issues, storage security, cooperation between banks and mobile operators, security, payment systems and blockchain technology.

The representative of Sberbank declined to comment, Gref did not answer the letter of “Vedomosti”.

The upcoming meeting, the Central Bank did not comment. At the same time, the Central Bank told “Vedomosti” that in recent times the vector of hacking attacks has shifted from banks ‘ clients themselves.

Previously, the company Group-IB, which is engaged in investigation of computer crime, reported that from August 2015 to February 2016 hackers using the virus Buhtrap made 13 successful attacks on Russian banks, which resulted in the kidnapped 1.8 billion rubles.

Earlier, Gref told shareholders of the savings Bank that last year the Bank recorded 55 cyberattacks, but only in the first quarter of this — 42. But thanks to a special centre, the Bank was not a single failure, noted Gref.