In Aleppo, thousands of rebels with US support, launched an offensive on ISIS

Thousands of rebels supported by the USA, launched an offensive in Northern Syria on the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). Reuters reported unnamed American officials.

They said that the operation began on 1 June and could take several weeks. Its purpose is to prevent the entry of militants to the border with Turkey, which ISIS has long used as a logistical base for militants travel to Europe and back.

“This is important because this is the last loophole in Europe”, — said one of interlocutors of the Agency.

According to sources, a small number of us troops would participate in operations at the scene, acting as advisers and remaining at some distance from the front line. “They will be as close as they should be, to complete the operation. But they will not engage in direct combat,” explained one of the officials.

Air support to the rebels will provide the international coalition led by the United States.

Reuters notes that the overwhelming majority of participants — Syrian Arabs and Kurds from the YPG (people’s protection Units) make up only one fifth or sixth part of the forces of occurrence. The Agency reminds that Turkey considers YPG a terrorist organization, and US support of the Kurds is the irritation of the Turkish authorities.

Turkey has already expressed concern that Kurdish forces seized part of the territory around its borders, now they are in control of there about 400 km. However, according to officials, YPG will fight with ISIS.

“So you will have Syrian Arabs in a traditional Syrian Arab land,” the official said, adding that Turkey supported the offensive.