In Russia detained kidnapped from the financial system, 1.7 billion rubles hackers

During a joint operation of the FSB, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, suppressed the activity of a hacking group, suspected of stealing money from the accounts of financial institutions using a virus program.

“Employees of the interior Ministry of Russia jointly with the FSB of Russia detained 50 suspected of committing numerous thefts of funds from settlement accounts of legal entities, as well as correspondent accounts with financial institutions using malicious software,” reads a statement on the website of the Ministry of interior.

During operative actions militiamen have blocked a fictitious payment order of $ 2 billion and 273 million rubles. Investigative actions were carried out in 15 regions of Russia, only produced 86 searches.

According to the FSB, 18 of the 50 detainees arrested and three the measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave. “With her help, the attackers had stolen more than 1 billion 700 million rubles from the accounts of Russian financial institutions”, — quotes “Interfax” the message of the FSB.