Judges over the crisis rose as the earnings of the judiciary since 2013

Anti-crisis salaries

The leaders and judges of the constitutional court and of the Supreme court reported income for 2015. Their study of the returns shows that all the Supreme judges in the last two years significantly increased revenues.

In 2013, the income management of the armed forces — the President and his deputies ranged from 5.7 to 8.8 mln RUB., the earnings of ordinary judges of VS ranged from 3.3 to 6 million rubles.

In 2015, the leadership of the court indicated in the declarations of income from 9.5 to 11.7 million RUB (a quarter more). And 75% of the ordinary judges, published the Declaration for 2015 (35 of 46), said earnings more than 7 million rubles, which is about 600 thousand rubles. per month and above.

With 2013 income of the President of COP Valery Zorkin has increased by 15%: he earned 12 million rubles, two years before – 10.4 million rubles. For half a million on average over that time has grown and the income of judges of the constitutional court — now they range from 7.6 million to 10.9 million rubles.

As told a source in the judicial community, as a rule, the amount that the judges indicated in the declarations, and it is their salary. But the judges also have the right to engage in scientific activities and teaching.

The subordinate judge, in particular, of the Moscow city court, on the contrary reported a decline in earnings up to 15% in 2015. As has explained a source in the judicial community, judges and court personnel cut the payment of premiums. The reason, according to the source, was the reduction of the funds transferred capital management of judicial Department at the awards last year.

How to calculate

Head of Department of media relations of the Judicial Department at VS Vadim Ziatdinov explained in the interview that the salary of a judge, in addition to salary consists of various allowances. Considered category of the court, seniority, job class, degree, allowances for work with secret documents, pointed Ziatdinov.

As previously seen, the salaries of judges partly tied to the earnings of the Chairman of the constitutional court: their salaries from 2013 are calculated based on his salary. And his salary in turn, according to the introduction in 2014 the government amendments to the law on the status of judges, linked to the presidential and needs by 2017 to reach 98% of the remuneration of the head of state. These amendments require a phased increase of the income of the judges in part of their cash incentives from 2015 to 2017.

The total salaries of the Supreme judges is calculated in the apparatus of the vessels, said a worker of the judicial system. The Supreme and constitutional courts in the budget are on separate counts in a time when funding for the rest of the judicial system is one graph of the Judicial Department under the sun.

With the 2013 budget, the COP increased by 7%, follows from the laws on the Federal budget for 2013, 2014 and 2015, and was made in 2015 year of 696 million rubles Of this amount 135,9 mln RUB. were spent for payment of work of judges.

The budget of the Supreme court in two years increased by 50%, from RUB 2.9 billion in 2013 to 4.9 billion rubles in 2015, and the salary of judges last year were transferred to 742 million rubles to the State and the court staff in 2014 were increased after the unification of the armed forces with the Supreme arbitration court.

Now the COP has 18 judges, including the President of the court. Based on the budget 135,9 mln, on average, a judge spends 7.5 million rubles. per year. About the same the income is saved, and the Supreme court: a budget of $ 742 million rubles allocated slightly more than 100 judges.

Richer than the President

The earnings guidance of the higher courts has exceeded the income of the President, Prime Minister and heads of security agencies. Over the past year, Vladimir Putin gained of 8.89 million RUB, Dmitry Medvedev – 8,7 million rubles, the income of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin came to 8.4 million rubles, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika reported about 8.8 million RUB.

In 2016, the earnings of the President, Prime Minister, members of the mission, the Prosecutor General and the Chairman of the TFR needs to be reduced by 10%. Such a decree the President signed a year ago — February 27, 2015 (No. 110). According to the law on the Federal budget, budgets of the COP and the armed forces in the current year reduced by 5-8%.

The lawyer Lyudmila Maikova, a former Chairman of the Federal arbitration court of the Moscow region, believes that the large salaries of judges of the higher courts is justified and consistent with international practice. According to her, the income of the judges in the United States average of $100-130 million (6,6 – 8,5 million rubles at the exchange rate on 31 may).

But a large income gap between the higher and lower judges, in her opinion, unfounded. Even worse is the situation with the earnings of employees of the courts: their monthly income is 15-20 thousand rubles., said Maikov. “This has a negative impact in practice and causes of employee turnover”, — says the former judge.

“High salaries of judges — this measure is justified” — believes the Deputy-United Russia, the representative of the lower house in KS Dmitry Vyatkin.

A different opinion holds the Deputy from the Communist party, former first Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Yury sinelshchikov. “I recently spoke with officials in rural areas in the Ulyanovsk region, and they are only 7-8 thousand rubles. per month, and then the judge is also a man in government service, earn millions. Such a large difference should not be in the same state,” says Sinel. According to the Deputy, large salaries do not keep servants from corruption crimes, and Vice versa, “ignite your appetite”.