Reuters found out about the postponement of the easing of the visa regime between the EU and Georgia

The European Union has postponed Wednesday a decision on visa facilitation for citizens of Georgia. About it reports Reuters, citing diplomatic sources. According to them, the delay will be and PR priniti decisions on visa relations with Turkey, Ukraine and Kosovo. This is due to caution associated with concerns about migrants, said Agency sources.

The issue of Georgia’s EU envoys considered not for the first time, but again failed to take any action, said the diplomats. According to them, re-to the issue in Brussels can come back next week — before you discuss the more controversial case of Ukraine.

The Netherlands which now preside in the European Union, have planned a number of technical meetings on Ukraine after a meeting of interior Ministers of the EU, which will be held June 9-10. Most likely, before this time no decisions on simplification of visa procedures for Ukrainians will not, sources told Reuters.

As for Turkey, in Brussels pointed out that the country with a population of 79 million people is making progress to meet all 72 of conditions that the EU requires to perform for the abolition of the visa regime. However, said the source Reuters, while Ankara does not have time to comply with the scheduled end of June deadline, and it is likely that the visa privilege will only get in the fall.

The decision on visa-free regime for Kosovo has also been delayed despite the fact that the European Commission recommended to introduce visa-free regime for all the four countries, said sources to Reuters.

They note that the decision of a question on Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo is hampered by the situation with Turkey: after a few weeks ago, the EU and Ankara forced a deal on migrants, the negotiations ran into problems due to the fact that Turkey refused to change its anti-terrorism laws.

Immigration is also a key theme in the British referendum on the question whether the Kingdom’s exit from the EU, which only in the past year have experienced an influx of about 1.3 million migrants and refugees, Reuters reports.