The cost of a football arena in St. Petersburg exceeded 39 billion rubles.

Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg on Wednesday, June 1, mostly in the second reading adopted amendments to the city budget for 2016-2017, according to the website of the regional Parliament. The construction of the stadium on Krestovsky island from the city budget will be allocated 4.3 billion rubles. Thus, the total construction costs of the stadium now amount to 39.2 billion rubles.

Expenditure increased on the proposal of the administration of St. Petersburg. In mid-may, she sent a letter to the legislative Assembly of the city, explaining the growth estimates additional costs of security of the stadium, the change rate of the ruble and expensive construction equipment.

Stadium in St. Petersburg will be able to accommodate 68 thousand people. It will be fully covered, and the field itself will roll out outside of the stadium on days when there is no competition. This will improve the quality of the lawn

Arena in St. Petersburg — one of the most expensive in the world. Construction began in 2007, costs were then projected at 6.7 billion rubles. Stadium wanted to surrender in 2009, but after receiving the right to carrying out in Russia of world football Championship of 2018, the project and revised estimates rose to 23.7 bn In 2011 due to the changes FIFA and UEFA standards spending rose again, to RUB 33 billion In 2013, the St. Petersburg authorities warned of a possible increase in costs to 43.8 billion rubles, but after the audit of the accounts chamber of the project was approved with a budget of 34.9 billion

At the stadium in the summer of 2017 it is planned to hold the matches of the Confederations Cup. Now the stadium is ready by 85%, according to the official website of the arena. 50% ready engineering systems roll-out field, 65% of the air-conditioning system, 76% of the heat supply system and 73% — of the power supply system.

The completion date was repeatedly postponed. Now the stadium is planned to finish by the end of 2016. In may, the FIFA delegation visited the stadium and expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of construction. On the FIFA website there was a message that the organization is waiting for explanations from the authorities of the city over the next two weeks construction problems.

Contractor — group “Transstroy” (until 2014, was under the control of the Basic element, billionaire Oleg Deripaska).