The members of the HRC refused to meet with Kadyrov

The planned visit of the delegation of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) in Chechnya will not take place. This was reported by a member of the HRC Andrei Babushkin and a source in the Council. “We have crossed Chechnya only in transit, going from Dagestan to Ingushetia, although he planned to stay in the Republic two days. At this point we have already moved from Chechnya to return and likely will not,” said grandma.

The visit of human rights defenders in Chechnya was to be held in the framework of a visit of members of the HRC in the North Caucasus. Human rights activists will check the status with human rights in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, etc. In Chechnya, the members of the HRC had planned to meet with locals on June 2, human rights activists were going to talk with the acting head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to grandma, the reason for the change of plans the HRC, the position of the Chechen leadership “on behalf of one of our members.” We are talking about the head of the human rights organization “Committee for the prevention of torture” (CAT), Igor Kalyapin. Kadyrov appeared unhappy that Kalyapin was going to visit Chechnya as part of the delegation of the HRC, said a source in the Council.

“The Committee for the prevention of torture” specializiruetsya on the investigation of crimes committed by law enforcement officials. For a long time, the CPT conducts business about excess of office powers by Chechen security forces. Constant criticism of the political regime in Chechnya by Kalyapin caused caused discontent Kadyrov.

At the end of March 2016 Kalyapin in Grozny was attacked. In the human rights room at the hotel “Grozny city” came the Manager of the hotel accompanied by the staff, and Kalyapin without explanation was asked to leave the hotel. When Kalyapin left the building with his things, he was attacked by young men in civilian clothes and black masks and were pelted with eggs. In Grozny Kalyapin was in connection with the incident, which occurred on March 9 near the Chechen-Ingush border: when unknown persons attacked employees of the “Committee for the prevention of torture and journalists. The attackers pulled the journalists out of the car and beat them, and a van was set on fire, then fled in the direction of Chechnya.

“Kadyrov was contacted and he said that if the members of the HRC are planning to visit the Republic with Kalapini, then in that case he will not be able to ensure the safety of the delegation. In fact, it was a threat in the form of alert,” said a source in the Council.

Without security guarantees, the President of the HRC Fedotov has decided to withdraw from Chechnya in the format originally envisioned, the source said. Grandma claims that members of the HRC decided not to go to Chechnya for reasons of solidarity. “While the position of the Chechen leadership will not return to the framework of common sense, we decided not to visit Chechnya,” explained grandma.

The source adds that the negotiations with the representatives of the Kadyrov administration about the visit of members of Chechnya the HRC were conducted by the staff of the presidential administration. The source in the Kremlin said that these negotiations were conducted by Mikhail Fedotov and some members of the Council. Kadyrov tried to convey that to provoke scandal on a level place not in his interest, the refusal to accept human rights defenders who are appointed by the President on the hit the reputation of the Chechen leader, told the source. But on the morning of 1 June, the representatives of Chechnya said negotiators from the Kremlin administration that Kadyrov nor persuasion to no avail.

Fedotov to comment on the words of the source refused. “But the conflict with Kadyrov Kalapini really exists, and we try to repay, including now,” said Fedotov.

Have Kalyapin position Kadyrov was regrettable, he said . “I was planning Kadyrov ask a few questions about human rights violations in the Republic, wanted to raise the issue of harassment of residents of Chechnya, criticizing the officials, and not of Kadyrov, representatives of regional authorities”, — said Kalyapin.

Press Secretary of Ramzan Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov, at the time of writing was unavailable for comment.