The Ministry of economic development has ordered a secret job for economic security

The Ministry of economic development have identified who will write for him the scientific research about the creation of a “Federal system of governance and risk prevention in the field of socio-economic development, including economic security.” The winner of the contest was Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, follows from the data published on 31 may on the website of public procurement. The work is part of an updated national security Strategy. In the preparation of the tender documentation, the Ministry revealed the existence of the secret decree of President Vladimir Putin, then recognizing the link to the document “technical error”.

We are talking about the open competition of Ministry of economic development on 3.5 million rubles. Procedure of opening of envelopes took place on 24 may, a week — published results. Applications for participation also served the Higher school of Economics and southwestern University. The application won the Financial University amounted to 3,325 million rubles on Tuesday Evening the press-service of the University did not respond to a request .

His experts were already engaged in similar issues: for example, Professor of the Financial University Alexander Selivanov recently co-authored articles on the organization of state monitoring of economic security.

To assess the risks

In the tender documentation States that the purpose of work is creation of a Federal system of strategic analysis, management and prevention of risks in socio-economic development, including economic security. The contractor shall prepare proposals for the formation of a system of indicators that will assess the state of socio-economic development, to develop a methodology for determining threshold values for these indicators, as well as models of strategic analysis, management and risk prevention in this field. Also, the contractor should prepare information and analytical materials about the international experience of establishing such a system.

The updated national security Strategy, signed by Putin on 31 December 2015, assumes that the government will collect and process information about the current state of the national economy, to monitor key indicators such as, for example, citizen satisfaction with degree of protection of their constitutional rights and freedoms, GDP per capita, degree of stratification, the level of unemployment. Ordered the Ministry of economic development work should, inter alia, be aimed at “the identification of trends, including negative and potentially dangerous, as well as providing recommendations for responding to identified threats and risks,” follows from the specification.

As the representative of the Ministry, “the need for an integrated approach to strategic analysis, management and prevention of risks in socio-economic development stems from the provisions” of the national security Strategy. The report on the completion of work should be provided until July 15 of this year marked “confidential”. The results of the work cannot be distributed without the consent of the Ministry, follows from the tender documents.

The work is carried out on the initiative of the Department of strategic development and innovation, Ministry of economic development, said the Ministry spokesman. Risk assessment is now widely used in business, advice in this area cooking consulting company, and in the system of public administration this work is done in situation centers at government bodies, she says.

Monitoring for the President

In the tender documentation the Ministry of economic development referred to the decree №684 “On the assessment of the state monitoring of national security”, signed by Putin in conjunction with the updated national security Strategy. It is not publicly available, search by document number on the website not issue this decree. From documents to purchase, it follows that the same decree approved the list of indicators of the state of national security, which should be monitoring state, and the contractor must develop a practical methodology for determining “thresholds” for these indicators. One of the participants of the competition asked the customer to provide a list of these indicators, after which the Ministry explained that the mention of the decree in the documentation should be considered “technical error”.

During the monitoring in the framework of the new national security Strategy will take into account more than 60 criteria and indicators approved on the proposal of ministries and departments, as well as the scientific Council under the Russian security Council, said in a statement on the website of the security Council on 19 October 2015. Gasmonitoring will work as a system of continuous monitoring, and its results will annually submit to Putin, security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, was specified in the message.

A source in the scientific Council of the security Council said that the number of criteria included inflation, the budget deficit, the level of employment and unemployment, the volume of foreign exchange reserves, exports and imports, the level of debt and several others. For each determined threshold value, above which could pose a threat to economic security, said the source . Part of the threshold values took from the Maastricht Treaty (the founding document of the European Union from 1992, which defines economic and financial benchmarks for participating countries), he adds. In particular, it stipulates that public debt should not exceed 60% of GDP, budget deficit — 3%.

The representative of the Ministry of economic development did not answer the question, what criteria is in the closed presidential decree. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov at the time of writing not responded to the request .

The strategy States that the main threats in the field of Economics are, in particular, its low competitiveness and the vulnerability of the financial system from the actions of non-residents and “foreign speculative capital”, the lack of budget balance, check the “significant organization” in the offshore, the depletion of the resource base and the shadow economy.