The Ministry of Finance revealed a low level of financial management in the Ministry of economic development

The level of financial management in the Ministry of economic development (med) was one of the worst among Russian ministries and departments, showed that the monitoring conducted by experts of the Ministry of Finance. After the inspection, the Mayor was put up the final grade at 43.8 points while the average for all authenticated agencies of 62.9 points on a 100-point scale.

In the message of the Ministry of Finance highlighted the low level of asset management the MAYOR. According to such indicators as dynamics of volume of inventories in 2015 and the proportion of violations in the disposal and management of state property, Ministry of economic development received a rating of only 25 at stoballnoy scale.

In addition, the report of the Ministry of Finance emphasizes that the experts the MAYOR more than a month late with the preparation of regulations providing for the allocation of funds from the Federal budget to the Russian regions and individual companies.

Earlier, first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Martin Shakkum has declared that the MAYOR “not quite well” with the performance of its tasks. In particular, the MP accused the management of the MAYOR is that the office does not have enough years to just prepare the necessary bills, while during the great Patriotic war people for three months, “created in the Urals factories that produced products”.

The highest score on the result of monitoring by the Ministry of Finance was awarded the Ministry of internal Affairs – 83.3 points at stoballnoy scale. While individual indicators, the assessment of MVD was much higher. For example, the asset management Ministry estimated in 100 points, and the budget performance of the Ministry in terms of expenditures is at 94.5 points.

In addition, the high evaluation from the Ministry of Finance by the end of 2015, received the Federal migration service (final score of 82.1 points), Federal Treasury (81,3), as well as Federal tax and customs services (78,6).

Below average was the rating of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (42.9 points), Federal space Agency (46,2) and the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport (47,9).

However, in some areas of work the worst results were shown by other departments. For example, in terms of quality of the medium-term financial planning the worst marks were given to the Ministry of agriculture (30 points out of a hundred), in the execution of budget revenues — Federal Agency for youth Affairs and the Ministry of natural resources (20 points), quality of internal control and audit was recognized as the worst in the Supreme court (15.3 points), the biggest problem with the execution of judicial acts were observed in MES (14.1 points), and in the case of asset management — the Federal medical-biological Agency (8.2 points).

In the report of the Ministry of Finance emphasizes that the indicators of quality of financial management in those departments where more than a quarter of the budgetary allocations is under articles with “secret” and “top secret”, were not calculated. Thus, evaluation of the financiers of the defense Ministry, the FSB, foreign intelligence Service, the Main Directorate of special programs of the President of Russia, the Federal security service, Federal border service and some other agencies, the Ministry of Finance to put did not become.