The wife of the new head of the FSO was a member of the Board of “SIBUR”

The spouse of the Director of the Federal security service Dmitry Kochneva is Marina Vladimirovna Medvedeva, she is on the Board of SIBUR, Russia’s largest petrochemical company, wrote on Thursday, may 26, the edition “Fontanka”. This information was confirmed by a source in the FSB. About the relationship Kochneva and Medvedeva know and former colleague Medvedeva, one of the areas of its work.

The press service of the Federal security service did not respond to a request sent on 27 may. Director of corporate communications “SIBUR” Rashid Nureev said that the company does not comment on matters related to the personal life of top managers. Medvedev itself has not responded to a request to answer questions submitted via a press-service of the company.

According to Medvedeva’s biography on the website of “SIBUR”, she has long worked in major commercial companies. Medvedev was born in 1971, graduated from Moscow Academy of Economics and law, major in legal studies and MGIMO in the direction of “international oil and gas business”.

Since 2002, she worked as a project Manager of international project Department of “Tyumen oil company” (TNK). After the Russian shareholders of TNK established a joint venture with British Petroleum, Medvedev headed the Department for the support of the Board and committees of the management company “TNK-BP Management”. For work in the oil company Medvedev remembers the Director of corporate governance Department, Moscow exchange Alexander Kamensky. In conversation with he noted that she started at the reference position, had a successful career and eventually headed the office of the President of the company.

The relationship Kochneva and Medvedev indirectly confirmed by extracts from the Unified state register of rights to real estate (EGRP). Full namesake Medvedeva registered to 23.4 acres of land in the village Kotovo of Istrinsky district of the Moscow region, two houses and three buildings, located at the same address with a total area of 599 sq. m. Land and property the same parameters specified in the Declaration of the current Director of the FSO as the property of his wife. According to statements from EGRP, Marina Vladimirovna Medvedev became their owner in November 2010 by deed of gift dated 14 August 2010. The giver is a full namesake of Kochneva. He, in turn, purchased the land in October 2007, and built on it a house, garage, gazebo and carport issued in the property in January 2010.

In “SIBUR” Medvedev since 2008, says Nureyev. According to him, she came to the position of Director to ensure that the activities of the management bodies, its functions coincide with the functions of the corporate Secretary. Employment Medvedeva were engaged in the consulting company Ward Howell. Senior partner George Abdushelishvili confirmed that Medvedev recommended that the management of “SIBUR”.

In “SIBUR” Medvedev solved administrative issues and optimized the workflow, later, under her leadership, was created a unified corporate service centre of the company’s business, said Nureyev. In the Board of “SIBUR” Medvedev entered in February 2016. Within six months, Board members of the company were two of its top Manager: Aleksandr Petrov, dealing with financial issues, and Rustam Galiakhmetov, Director of production efficiency, says Nureyev.

According to reporting at SIBUR IFRS results in 2015 “key management personnel” (Board) of the company received remuneration in the amount of RUB 826 million in 2014-2015 In the number of key managers included 16 people, said the same. On this basis, on average, each Board member could earn about 51,6 mln.

In addition, “SIBUR”, as stated in the financial statements, implementing a long-term plan for the promotion in the form of cash payments. The amount of remuneration under the plan depends on the contribution of leadership to the increase in the fair value of the group’s business (in 2015, the company recorded the expenses for long-term promotion plan in the amount of RUB 427 million). Also for key management personnel since 2013, provides for payments based on shares.

Declaration of security forces

For 2015, the wife of Dmitry Kochneva has earned more than the rest of the staff of the FSB, SVR and FSO and their relatives. As follows from the Declaration published on the website of the service, its revenue amounted to 58.1 million rubles the year before, she declared 24.2 million RUB Kochnev in 2015, has earned 3.7 million rubles.

Among all security agencies Medvedev on the level of income in the past year paid only the spouse of the head of the investigative Department of the MIA Oleksandr Savenkov, which dropped to 72.2 million rubles. She also owns the apartment with an area of 123.1 sq. m and half of the apartment with an area 170,8 sq. m.

For a Manager with a functional Medvedeva in the holding company comparable in size with SIBUR her annual income looks adequate, according to the founder of company HeadHunter Yury Virovets.

According to the register, 4 April 2016 Medvedev also holds the post of Director of the company Olefininvest. The firm owns 73% of the stock of “SIBUR”. She Olefininvest controlled by structures of the founder of NOVATEK’s richest Russian businessman Leonid Mikhelson. Other co-owners “SIBUR” are former co-owner of oil trader Gunvor Gennady Timchenko and young businessman Kirill Shamalov, which Reuters has called the spouse of the supposed daughter of President Vladimir Putin’s Catherine Tikhonova (at the end of 2015, Forbes estimated his fortune at the Nearby $1.2 billion).

Successor Murov

52-year-old Dmitry Kochnev serve in law enforcement agencies since 1984. In 2002, he went to work in the organs of state security. In 2015 Kochnev became the head of the security Service of the President, Deputy Director of the FSO.

For the post of Director FSO Kochnev was appointed by presidential decree on may 26, replacing Evgeny Murov, who led the service since 2000. The Federal official explained that the reshuffle the fact that Moores has exceeded the retirement age. In November 2016, he will be 71 years old, while the age limit for executives of this level, according to the law “On military duty and military service”, is 70 years. The source also claimed that the Moores came under pressure in connection with a “matter of culture”.

Kochneva’s appointment to head the Federal security service the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov explained his professionalism. A source close to the leadership of the FSB, said that in the struggle for a post of the head of FSO walked Kochnev, first Deputy Director of the service, Oleg klymentyev, beneath which was conducted the latest personnel changes in the Department.