VTB said about the most ambitious in the history of DDoS attack

Senior Vice President of VTB Dmitry Nazipov, who heads the Department of information technology of the Bank, announced that in the fall of 2015, VTB has been the most ambitious in the history of monitoring DDoS attack, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“A team of hackers” within a few days rained “strongest DDoS-attack” to Sberbank, VTB and Bank of Moscow, told Nazipov. According to him, at this time, the Bank received a “fairly typical letter in English demanding payment in bitcoins for a cessation of attacks.

“Obviously, we went to pay, but this attack had been for three days and subsequently localized to such an extent it already is not repeated”, — said a top Manager of VTB. He noted that to solve VTB has cooperated with law enforcement and telecomprovider with the center for information security, the Central Bank FinCert.

In September 2015 the Deputy head of the main Directorate of security and information protection of the Central Bank Artem Sychev said that the sites of five major Russian banks suffered a DDoS attack. The names of the banks, he said.

Sychev told that after the attack some of the attacked banks have received letters from extortionists, who demanded as payment for preventing such attacks, they list 50 bitcoins. Employee of the Central Bank pointed out that banks did not suffer damage as a result of damage.

Earlier on Wednesday, June 1, the FSB and the interior Ministry announced the arrest of 50 suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of 1.7 billion from financial institutions. The police also reported that it was unable to prevent possible damage to the amount of 2.2 billion rubles.

To identify suspects, law enforcement agencies brought the company “Kaspersky Lab”. Head of Department of investigation of computer incidents the company Ruslan Stoyanov told that from actions of malefactors has suffered banking organizations and their customers, as well as big business. According to “Kaspersky Lab, hackers stole 3 billion rubles, he said.

Later TASS, citing a source reported that the victims of hackers were six Russian banks, including Metallinvestbank, Russian international Bank, “Metropol” and “REGNUM”.