France gave Egypt the first “Mistral”

As reported by the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram, in a solemn ceremony of transfer of the ship was attended by the Minister of defence of Egypt Sedki Sobhi, who specially arrived in France. The ship was raised the Egyptian flag, then it was named after former President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Speaking at a press conference on the occasion of the ceremony, the commander of the Navy of France, Bernard Rogel reported that transferred to Egypt “Mistral” — one of the most advanced in terms of technology, ships ever created in his country. He expressed hope for further cooperation with Cairo, including in the fight against terrorism. The helicopter, according to Rogala, is able to protect Egypt from modern-day challenges.

It is expected that the second “Mistral”, which will be named after another Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat will be sent to Egypt in September.

Intended for Egypt helicopter was originally built for Russia. Contract 2011 Moscow has paid Paris for two ships that were supposed to be called “Vladivostok” and “Sevastopol”.

The first of these had to be handed over to Russia in 2014, however, the events in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions has led to the fact that the deal was first frozen and then terminated. France had to pay compensation in the amount of 950 million euros.

After termination of the agreement France signed a contract to supply helicopter carriers, which were dismantled combat information and control system, missile weapons and artillery, in Egypt.

In October 2015 military-diplomatic source told TASS news Agency that in connection with the purchase of “Mistral” Egypt has decided to purchase from Russia of 50 Ka-52 helicopters.