Klitschko urged to protect metro of Kiev from the payment of the debt for Russian cars

The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko urged the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the national security Council and defense (NSDC) to rid the underground of the Ukrainian capital from “dependence” from the leasing company that metro owes about 2 billion hryvnia ($79,76 million), reports the press service of Kyiv city hall.

“This relationship was formed in 2009 when Kyiv officials held a tender which was won by the company “Ukrroslizing”, offering cars, most of which were of Russian production”, — said Klitschko (quoted by TASS). Referring to the materials of the temporary control Commission, he stated that “Ukrroslizing” “directly connected with the Russian company “VEB-leasing”, a subsidiary company of Russian “Vnesheconombank” and controlled by the government”.

According to the mayor of Kiev, the actions of the company “Ukrroslizing” trying to collect the debt for supplied the Kiev subway cars, threatening the strategic enterprise, daily carrying about 1 million people, and can lead to destabilization of work of the Kiev enterprises and institutions. In this regard, Klitschko has called for a moratorium on debt repayment subway before “Ukrroslizing” in accordance with the law “On sanctions”.

Adopted in 2014, the law gives the NSDC the right to impose sanctions against foreign companies whose actions violate the interests of society and of the state or interfere with full implementation by citizens of Ukraine their rights and freedoms. Among the possible sanctions against such companies, the law mentions, in particular, the suspension of the execution of financial obligations to them, as well as the blocking of assets and prohibition on withdrawal of capital. “Besides, I asked you to give relevant instructions to the General Prosecutor’s office, SBU, the interior Ministry to intensify investigation in the framework of the existing criminal proceedings and, if there are grounds to initiate new criminal proceedings on these facts”, — said Klitschko.

Subway debt for the put her in 2009-2013 cars is about 1,959 billion, and this amount has become a subject of litigation. In the middle of may the Economic court of Kiev under the claim of “Ukrroslizing” seized 100 cars of the Kiev metro, banning their use in the course of transportation. However, at the end of may on the appeal of the subway ban was lifted.

“Only due to the appeal we managed to achieve removal of arrest from cars and to avoid traffic jams of the capital. But, despite this, the situation is still far from being solved”, — said on Thursday Klitschko. According to the law “On sanctions”, suggestions on the application, cancellation and changes to sanctions lists can be submitted to the Council by the Verkhovna Rada, President, Cabinet of Ministers, the National Bank of Ukraine and the security Service of Ukraine. If approved, the proposed measures are put into effect a special decree of the President of the country. If sanctions are imposed in relation to an indefinite circle of persons or an entire country, the decree is subject to approval by the Verkhovna Rada.