Rustam Tariko has found a buyer to NPF Russian standard”

That O1 Group plans to soon by NPF Russian standard”, said a source familiar with the terms of the transaction, and confirmed by a source close to O1 Group. “The parties have already discussed the basic terms, left the details”, knows a source close to O1 Group. The approval of the Federal Antimonopoly service received: 21 April FAS has satisfied the petition of LLC “Ruwer” on the acquisition of 100% stake of NPF Russian standard”. According to SPARK, LLC “Ruwer”, which in April was reorganized into JSC “Financial group “the Future”, is part of the group O1 Group Ltd.

Member of the Board of Directors of O1 Group Dmitry mints has confirmed that negotiations about purchase of the Fund. “Not yet obtained approval of the Central Bank”, — he added.

A source familiar with terms of transaction, says that the Fund is estimated at 15-18% of the value of its assets. At 31 March the assets of NPF Russian standard” has made up 5.58 billion. Previously, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing sources close to the deal estimated the value of the Fund at 1 billion rubles, a Source close to O1 Group, says that the transaction amount is less, but does not disclose it.

In O1 Group consists of three pension Fund — “Future”, “Telecom-Soyuz” and “URALSIB”, which the group bought for 1.8 billion rubles from the funds of the Largest NPF is “the Future” from 3.73 million customers and 237,2 bn of assets.

“Russian standard” did not respond to a request at the time of publication.

The Fund “Russian standard” is included in the guarantee system of pension savings and formally owned by the owner of the eponymous vodka holding Roustam Tariko. As previously wrote , in late 2015, Tariq has lost operational control over their pension funds, and the Fund was actually pledged to the BIN group Mikhail Shishkhanov on previously issued loan. According to the law on pension funds of NPF have no right to mortgage property belonging to them, but can use as collateral their shares. Financier familiar with the negotiations on the sale of NPF Russian standard, said earlier that in this case the Fund’s shares were not pledged. “Most likely, there was a gentleman’s agreement between Tariko and Shishkhanov”, — he said.

A source close to the BIN group, said that the Fund “Russian standard” was not in the mortgage loan Tariko. “But the BIN group had a priority right to acquisition of the Fund, so they checked the status of the Fund. The band later decided not to buy the NPF, and to Fund Tariko found another buyer,” says the source.

“Shishkhanov could obtain control of the Fund in the account of the old debt,” — said the financier. He recalled that last year on the assets of the Fund claimed a fugitive banker Anatoly Motylev. As wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”, structure, Tariko received credit in “the Russian credit” in exchange for this pension Fund had to purchase mortgage securities issued by agencies Motylev. The transaction was cancelled by the regulator at the time when the Central Bank blocked the transactions of the company “Interfin the Capital”, which managed assets of NPF Russian standard”. Tariko had to urgently look for money to pay off debt “the Russian credit” — was rescued by the Bank, according to the source “Vedomosti”. In exchange, the businessman had to lay NPF Russian standard”.

Rustam Tariko put up for sale their financial structure — NPF Russian standard” and the criminal code “Russian standard” — in the fall of 2015. In November 2015, the BCS has gained control of UK “the Russian standard”. “In the framework of the purchase transaction, of the criminal code “Russian standard” Rustam Tariko agreed to a partnership in sales of investment products that we will jointly develop. The partnership will use the experience of BCS in creating investment products and opportunities,” the Bank said in an interview with the CEO and founder of BKS Oleg Mikhasenko.