Saudi Arabia agreed to freeze oil production

Saudi Arabia is considering to support the freezing of oil production of the OPEC countries, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing delegates meeting of the organization, which will be held on Thursday.

A source involved in the negotiations, said that Riyadh agreed to limit production, if the ceiling is raised from 32 million to 32.5 million barrels per day. Also supporters of the restrictions of production are Nigeria, Qatar, Algeria and Venezuela.

However, this measure remains large and the enemy, the source said the newspaper, is the United Arab Emirates. According to him, the UAE does not agree to limit production, if production does not reduce Iran.

According to WSJ, OPEC members “are still deeply disagree about what the limits of production — if any at all necessary — should be entered, and talks about the “ceiling” can nowhere to lead”.

April 17 at the Doha talks were held with the participation of representatives of OPEC, and not the organization member countries, which discussed the issue about the freezing of oil production. The draft agreement, which was to see the media, it was proposed to freeze production at the January level until October of this year.

The talks, which lasted six hours, however, ended without the signing of the agreement. The source is Reuters then reported that OPEC said outside the oil cartel partners in the negotiations about the intention first to achieve a unified solution within the organization at the summit, which will take place in June.