The Bank of England introduced the first plastic banknote

The Bank of England introduced the first plastic banknote

According to Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, the new banknotes will be cleaner, safer and stronger”. “Polymer notes will transfer if they drop Bordeaux, strahnet the ashes from the cigars, if they will take a bite out of the bulldog, or even if loads in the washing machine”, — quotes the words of the banker Bloomberg.


The first plastic banknotes will go into circulation on September 13. Next year the Bank of England plans to issue a banknote of 10 pounds with a picture of writer Jane Austen, and by 2020 — 20 pounds with a portrait of the painter William Turner.

The Bank noted that the new notes are more durable than paper two and a half times.

Paper five pounds, which depicts social activist Elizabeth fry, revered in the Kingdom for its efforts to reform the prison system, will cease to be legal tender in may 2017. After that, they would have to exchange at the Central Bank.

Plastic banknotes are already in circulation in about 20 countries. Among them, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.