The court in Moscow arrested the mayor of Vladivostok

Basmanny court of capital on Thursday night sanctioned the arrest of the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. The next two months officials will spend in prison.

Pushkarev was arrested in Vladivostok on 1 June, and on the plane on Thursday morning arrived in the capital. Immediately after the arrival of the Investigative Committee the mayor was charged and taken into arrest.

48 hours of rest

In the court Pushkareva has taken only in the evening. Under the camera flashes chunky tan official walked silently in the meeting room. He was accompanied by fighters of the FSB in masks, which were placed on the back of the bench in the hall. Of relatives the court came to his only son.

Before the start of the process Pushkarev consulted with his lawyer and made a motion. It he said immediately after the commencement of the hearing.
The official said that he was detained the day before, all day he was involved in the investigation, and at night it has already been sent to Moscow, where he arrived on the plane only at 11 am.

He requested time for vacation, consulting with a lawyer and gathering “evidence of his innocence”. “I need at least 48 hours,” he assured the judge.
Eventually his request was granted in part: judge Natalia Dudar adjourned at 20 minutes to the detainee and his defence counsel read the case materials of the detention.

Can fly the helicopter

After the break, the word was taken by the investigator. He insisted that Pushkarev charged with a serious crime: “abuse of power” and “commercial bribery”. The second defendant is Andrey Lushnikov — have already confessed, said the investigator.

He insisted that Pushkareva cannot be left at large, as it can disappear, put pressure on witnesses, destroy evidence. Or you can try to shape public opinion, to discredit the preliminary investigation, said the investigator.

According to the Prosecutor, the mayor’s family and the official owns different real estate in Russia and imposing cash. His siblings make substantial transfers of money abroad, one of these transfers exceeded 250 million rubles, said the investigator. “Pushkarev regularly used helicopter and two boats, which are owned by his relatives, and even they crossed the border of the country,” said the investigator.

June 1, according to investigators, the mayor was going to fly from Vladivostok to Moscow, from where he went abroad, said the investigator. He was supported by the Prosecutor, and said that the mayor is charged with acquisitive crimes and has established a scheme for enrichment of their relatives.

The good wife

He Pushkarev and his lawyer asked the court to send him under house arrest or on bail of 10 million rubles. The lawyer pointed out that exactly the same amount they are ready to collect relatives and friends of the accused. “I went to Moscow on a business trip for a meeting on the development of the Far East. I have back and tickets were booked. I’m [overseas] was not going to leave”, — said the mayor.

Pushkarev announced that it has leased housing in Moscow, and there he may be under house arrest. He promised to cooperate with the investigation, but insisted that the blame does not recognize. Their big spending, he explained good pay his wife, who only last year was zadeklarirovali an income of 25 million rubles.

Pushkarev, as the head of a large city, it often happens in Moscow on a business trip, and the passport is 90% of the population, acted to protect the mayor and his lawyer.
He handed the judge a stack of documents with premium letters, memorials and letters of appreciation and medals.

“Pushkarev — respected man, it was twice selected the population of megacities. But his criminal case was preceded by a non-legal grounds”, — said the lawyer. He said the reason was “political intrigue”. On the eve Pushkarev successfully passed a preliminary vote in regional legislative Assembly that has exacerbated his relationship with the Governor of Primorsky Krai, consider former Vice-mayor Nikolai Markovtsev.

Family business

As follows from the official reports of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Pushkarev is charged with “abuse of official powers that caused grave consequences” and “commercial bribery”.

According to the TFR, Pushkarev organized purchase at inflated prices of building materials municipal enterprise “Roads of Vladivostok” the group of companies “Vostoktsement”. And in General caused damage to the company for 158 million rubles.

For the organization of transactions Pushkarev received 45 million rubles, according to investigators. Lushnikova he transferred 1.4 mln rubles as commercial bribery. “For this Lushnikov ensured the acquisition of the constituent companies of the group “Vostokcement” materials for the execution of municipal contracts for repair and maintenance of roads,” — says the consequence.

Company “Vostokcement” supervise relatives relatives of the mayor. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, Andrey Pushkarev is the CEO of the company, and Vladimir Pushkarev — his first Deputy. In just the last few years, “Roads of Vladivostok” has purchased the building materials from the companies included in the “Vostokcement” amounting to almost 1 billion rubles.

Pushkarev himself in court, explained that the company “Roads of Vladivostok” is now being liquidated, as a debt of the company now exceeds more than 800 million rubles.

“The enterprise debt to the company “Vostokcement”. And I understand that the money the company will never get. She actually gave them to city roads,” — said the mayor. He insists that in such a situation any damage caused to the enterprise, can not be, the same damage is caused by just the company “Vostokcement”.

His lawyer in turn pointed out that the criminal case on these grounds have repeatedly tried to initiate in the region, but every time the investigators took out the bounce.