The law on the classification work of the government was criticized in the Federation Council

The constitutional Committee of the state Duma will consider a government bill on Thursday. Deputies, most likely, will support it as the government initiatives are usually not rejected by the lower house of Parliament, said two of the interlocutor in the state Duma.

Amendments to the Federal constitutional law on the government submitted to the Duma by the Cabinet of Ministers on 20 may. According to the amendments, the list of issues that have to be solved at government meetings, proposed to cut by a quarter. In particular, it is proposed to stop discussing at the governmental meetings, the plans of government borrowing (the volume of issue of securities), the sale of Federal state ownership, the projects provide financial support for amounts less than 100 million rubles, as well as the issues of conclusion of international treaties of the Russian Federation, subject to ratification.

The concept paper did not cause any complaints and have the state legal Department of the President, said in the conclusion to a document from the government office.

Profile Committee of Council of Federation has not yet sent to the Duma its official opinion on the amendments of the government, however, the legal control of the upper house of Parliament prepared for the Committee help (have) made a number of observations.

Lawyers of the Federation Council reminiscent of the fundamental provisions of the Federal constitutional law: that the government is a collegial body and that one of the main principles of its activities is the principle of transparency. In their opinion, the exception of the number of questions, decisions on which must be adopted exclusively at government meetings, programs of privatization of Federal property and signing subject to ratification of international treaties Russia requires additional justification.

The procedure for preparation and adoption of these solutions will not be governed by the law in which it is proposed to include a reference to the regulations of the government, say lawyers from the upper house. Such regulation leads to a decrease in the possibilities of parliamentary control over the government’s decisions, as in the meetings may involve representatives of both chambers of Parliament, said the document signed by Deputy head of the legal Department of the Federation Council Zulfiya Nigmatullina.

Despite criticism from the upper house, the bill will be promptly passed by the Parliament before the end of the spring session, assured the interlocutors in the lower house of Parliament.

“These are issues of government, if it thinks so, then I will not object,” said a member of the constitutional Committee of the United Russia Vladimir Ponevejsky. In his opinion, innovation is done for promptness of decision-making.

Privatization of state property should not be discussed behind the scenes in the government, otherwise it will be “his top managers”, argues opposition Committee member Dmitry Gudkov.