The media counted 3.5 thousand associated with the trump of lawsuits

The number of lawsuits associated with the name trump, estimated publication USA Today. The publication notes that in approximately 1900 cases, trump acted as the plaintiff, in 1450 cases — defendant, and another 150 cases involve the bankruptcy and the involvement of trump in as a third party.

The publication notes that at least 70 new claims were filed after trump joined the race for the US presidency. Of these cases about half of cases trump stands by the plaintiff, half of the Respondent. At least 50 trials still going on.

As the newspaper notes, the causes of claims, ranging from claims of libel to court appeals related to development business trump. As noted in an interview with Alan Garten, of counsel the Trump Organization, which controls real estate development and hotel businesses trump, a large number of claims is a “cost of doing business”, and also suggested that compared to other companies of similar size Trump Organization involved in a smaller number of trials.

The most famous lawsuit, the production of which is still ongoing, is a class action lawsuit against the now-closed Trump University by his former students. The plaintiffs argue that Trump University did not fulfill their promises on training “setterm success in real estate”. Trump acts in the proceedings as a witness, he will appear in court after the presidential elections on 28 November.

Nonetheless, USA Today found that the number of lawsuits against trump more than the number of claims against five of the largest developers in the United States (Edward De Bartolo, Stephen Ross, Sam Zell, Donald Bren and Larry Silverstein) put together.

USA Today also compares the number of trials, in which was involved the trump, with lawsuits, with whom was associated his likely opponent in the presidential election of Hillary Clinton. During the time that Clinton was an American first lady, a Senator from the state of new York and U.S. Secretary of state, her name appeared in 900 court razbiratelstva, and in most cases it acted as the plaintiff.

At the end of may trump the number of electors who would support trump on the Republican national Convention in Cleveland July 18-21, 1238 made up – this quantity is enough for making trump the Republican candidate in the presidential election, which actually makes the Republican Congress is a formality.