Chemezov told about $48 billion in the portfolio of orders of “Rosoboronexport”

Talking about the effectiveness of the adopted in Russia, the sales of weapons, the General Director of state Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov said that the portfolio of orders of “Rosoboronexport” amounted to $48 billion, Chemezov Interview published by the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“For 15 years we have supplied arms in 116 countries totaling $115 billion More recently, our order portfolio stood at $45 billion, and now $48 billion, Time has shown that the decisions taken then were the faithful: export volumes are growing. There was not a single year when volumes fell, there has been a growth: today the volume of deliveries by Rosoboronexport amounted to more than $13 billion annually, and together with other businesses over $15 billion,” Chemezov said.

He also noted that the supply of Russian systems Buk-M2E, Antey-2500 and s-400 “Triumph” interested in China, Egypt and Algeria. Chemezov explained that

“We have a rule: first, the supply service of the army, and then sell weapons abroad. Many customers asked us to supply the ordered weapons before, but we will warn them about timing and sequence — for example, with China,” — said Chemezov and added that the Chinese army will get the s-400 system before 2018.