In the headquarters of FIFA were searched

Representatives of the Swiss authorities again carried out searches in the headquarters of the International football Federation (FIFA) in Zurich, reports Reuters with reference to the statement of office of public Prosecutor of Switzerland.

“In the ongoing criminal investigation into FIFA, Office of the attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) conducted a search at the headquarters of FIFA on 2 June 2016 to confirm existing results and to obtain additional information”, – quotes Agency the statement of the Ministry.

It indicates that the investigation concerns only those persons who were listed in earlier statements by the OAG, and other unknown persons. the representative of the OAG added that the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino among the suspects there.

To obtain prompt review of the FIFA Agency failed.

The corruption scandal surrounding FIFA broke out in may 2015. Then in Zurich were arrested several high-ranking officials of the organization on suspicion of corruption. In September, the figurant of criminal case became Joseph Blatter, head of FIFA since 1998. Amid the scandal and discontent of a number of key sponsors, he had to resign. After that the Federation was headed by the Swiss Gianni Infantino.