NATO is thinking about creating a position of chief of intelligence of the Alliance

NATO is going to create a new position of chief of intelligence of the Alliance. About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing sources among officials from the US and the EU.

The main purpose of creating a new post in the North Atlantic Alliance – the exchange of intelligence information between the US and Europe to improve the fight against terrorism and other threats.

Currently NATO has no formal role in the fight against “Islamic state” (recognized organization banned in Russia), the newspaper said. The desire to create a new position has arisen amid growing criticism of the Alliance regarding his inability to focus more resources on combating terrorism.

According to the newspaper, the creation of a new position can be approved at the NATO summit in July. Originally the position was offered to create in order for the Alliance was easier to track and analyze information about Russian military activity, writes the WSJ.

The interlocutors of the newspaper emphasize that the most important effect of the introduction of a new position will still be NATO’s assistance in the collection and analysis of intelligence on “Islamic state” and other middle Eastern terrorist threats.

NATO summit kicks off in Warsaw on 8 July. Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview to “Radio Poland” said that during the summit, key will be taken and final decisions on how to adapt to the new situation in the field of security, including “the aggressive policy of Russia”.