Peskov liked the idea to publish three volumes of speeches Putin

“In any case, a kind of systematization of the talks for those who are interested in this, is always positive. Also, as far as I know, there are other books about the President will be presented, which were published both in our country and abroad”, — said Peskov “Interfax”. However, he noted that he had no information about this book.

The three volumes of “Direct speech” will be presented during the festival “Red square”, which takes place near the Kremlin, according to the website of the event. It collected all of Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly, statements in international forums on “topical issues of internal and foreign policy”, his performances at press conferences and meetings with other heads of States. “They — the real story of the new Russia”, — says the annotation to the book. “Direct speech” is, “the tablets upon which are recorded the events of the history of the country”, it contains “the real story of the new Russia,” reads the description.

In late December, the Kremlin sent out about a thousand of Russian politicians collection quote of Putin, called “words that change the world”. As reported , first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin told about it at the meeting, which was attended by about 50 people, including state Duma deputies, members of Federation Council and Public chamber. Volodin said that “she should be on Board any policy,” said one of the participants.

In the book “words that change the world” is almost 400 pages. It contains 19 of Putin’s speeches and articles in chronological order. The book begins with the President’s speech at the UN General Assembly in 2003 and ends with the speech in the same place in 2015. She was released the youth movement “Network”, whose work is supervised by the Department of internal policy of presidential administration. The movement received presidential grants, however, claim that they were not going to print the book.