Polish custom reinforced checks at the border with Russia

Polish customs officers on 3 June strengthened on the border with Russia the screening of persons entering the country, reports “Radio Poland”. According to the publication, in this regard, the border posts began to be a queue, the border crossing can take up to several hours.

Authorities explained the increased inspections the upcoming NATO summit, which will be held in Warsaw on 8-9 July, and the World youth days in Krakow, scheduled for the end of July, said a spokesman for the Customs chamber in Olsztyn Ryszard Thin. “This is an order of our authorities,” he said.

According to the head of the warmińsko-Mazurskie trade Union of customs officials of Rafal Markiewicz, “the Russian border is the external border of Ebrowse, that is why our work needs to be done more carefully”.

Radio Poland notes that while strengthening border checks the part of customs officers on 3 June failed to work. However, Markiewicz explained that this is not a strike, and order management.

“This is not a strike. Yes, we are protesting against the reform projects of our service, but what is happening today is not a strike, and the execution of the orders of our superiors,” said the head of the Union.

Talking about the protest of customs officials to plan for the establishment in Poland of the National administration of the Treasury, which should include customs and Treasury service of the country.

Russia borders Poland in the South of the Kaliningrad region. The total length of the Russian-Polish border is 232 km, land part of which is of 203.3 km. On the continental boundaries, there are four road junction: Bagrationovsk — Bezledy, Mamonovo — Gronowo, Mamonovo II — Grzechotki and Gusev — gołdap. Another transition is on the Baltic spit.