Record the outflow of money from investing in Russia funds was replaced by inflow

For the week 26 may to 1 June 2016 investing in Russian assets of the funds have recorded inflows in the amount of $18 million, according to the report of analysts of Sberbank Investment Research. While active funds have increased investments by $10.1 million (0.04% of assets under management), passive funds — $7.9 million (0,07%).

A week earlier, foreign investors withdrew from investments into Russia funds of $196 million, which was the worst figure for the last nine months.

“Last week the markets reacted sharply to the increased expectations of a fed rate hike this summer, but new data show that the interest in the equity markets rose again. If a week earlier, the funds all emerging markets lost $1.9 billion, in the latest week flow was recorded in the amount of $291 million,” the report says.

According to analysts of the savings Bank, thanks to a change in investor sentiment last week, the General outflow of funds from working with Russia funds recorded since the beginning of 2016, decreased to $236,6 million

Strategist at Sberbank Investment Research Cole Exxon believes that the data this week does not indicate a breaking of any trends. “The inflow into global stock funds for the week to June 1 reflects the expected, one-time reaction to a strong outflow at the end of the previous week, when the rhetoric of the fed was tougher and gave more reason to expect an increase in interest rates this summer,” he explained .

Simultaneously with Russia, the inflow of investment and showed other BRICS countries, except for India (Indian funds were withdrawn $8.8 million), However, the most significant was the inflow of funds into Chinese funds, in which investors have invested more than $292 million

In the course of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on Friday, the main Russian stock indices are in the green zone. Rouble MICEX index is around 1900 points (at the maximum rose to 1913,74 points, which is 1.2% higher than yesterday’s closing), USD RTS index — in the region of 900 points (down 1.7%).