The Deputy head of the US Treasury Department will discuss with representatives of the EU sanctions against Russia

The Deputy Minister of Treasury Adam Szubin June 7-8 will visit Paris and Berlin, the purpose of his trip will be the discussion of the extension of sanctions against Russia. This was reported by the press service of the U.S. Department.

“The discussion will focus on the importance of maintaining sanctions pressure on Russia to implement the Minsk agreements”, — stated in the message.

During the visit, Shubin will meet with senior government officials, including the heads of the foreign Ministry and the interior Ministry, the Ministers of Finance and Ministers of economy. During the visit, expected to discuss the joint plan of action, as well as the continuation of efforts to counter Iran, which supports terrorism and is engaged in other destabilizing activities.

In July 2016, the EU should take a decision on the extension of sanctions against Russia for another six months. May 20 Bloomberg, citing six unnamed officials of EU announced that the sanctions will be extended. what European countries have agreed to extend sanctions.

A senior French source in an interview with the Agency pointed out that the lifting of sanctions in the near future for no reason. At the same time, representatives of a number of countries, including Italy, told Bloomberg that are looking for opportunities to weaken these measures.

Informed that the authorization to cancel early, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She made the announcement, speaking at the G7 summit. At the summit, a communiqué was issued, which referred to a possible strengthening of sanctions if “Russia’s actions demand it”.

The lifting of sanctions against Russia by leaders of Western countries was always tied to oblucheniem the Minsk agreements.