The results of the criminal investigation of the crash of MH-17 will be published in the autumn

International investigation team will present the results of a criminal investigation of the crash of flight MH-17 in Eastern Ukraine “after the end of the summer,” reads the message posted on the website of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands. It said that the investigation is “at a very advanced stage”.

Investigators said that they sent “several requests on legal assistance to countries involved in the investigation, and expect a response within two months. In particular, the report notes that it is still expected information about the system “Buk” from Russia.

According to the results of the investigation, the investigators will clarify the data about the gun that the plane was shot down, and also point out the exact spot where the shot was fired, the report says. It emphasizes that we are not talking about the report and the conclusions of the investigation, which will be submitted to the court.

Joint investigation team includes experts from the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium and Ukraine.

The Boeing 777 Malaysian airline Malaysia Airlines crashed in Eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014. As a result, killing 298 people on Board, most of whom were Dutch nationals.

In the fall of 2015, the security Council of the Netherlands published a report on the crash of flight MH-17, in which the cause of the catastrophe was called getting into a plane missiles fired from the Buk missile. Criminal investigation should help to identify those responsible for the disaster.

Ukraine blamed the rocket and militias operating in the region of Donbass. They deny their involvement. Representatives of Kiev and NATO have repeatedly claimed that Russia has a militia assistance with weapons and human resources, but Moscow denied the allegations.

In 2015, the foreign Ministers of countries-members of the Joint investigation team, suggested the UN security Council to establish an international Tribunal on the case about the crash of flight MH-17. Russia opposed this initiative and blocked the security Council resolution.