The UN accused the SBU in the systematic torture

The security service of Ukraine (SBU) to commit systematic raids and use of torture against people suspected to be sympathetic to the militia of Donbass, told the British newspaper The Times, the assistant UN Secretary General for human rights Ivan šimonović, Recalling the report made by the organization on the situation in Ukraine.

The document refers to “hundreds of cases of illegal detention, torture and ill-treatment” as part of the militia and Kiev. While The Times emphasizes that the UN for the first time reveals the magnitude and cruelty of the system of torture, which is supported by the state [Ukraine], and also talks about the five existence a secret government prison”.

Šimonović gave examples of this system. In particular, according to him, one of the suspects grabbed “people in masks, who presumably were employees of state security”. They repeatedly struck a detainee in the head with a Taser,” he offered either to give recognition or to be killed, and then began to beat a detainee with a hammer. He “was forced to admit on camera,” said the shimonovich, that he is “a member of an armed group”. Then the kidnappers “took him to the building of the state security services, where he was arrested”.

Also assistant to the UN Secretary General has described another case where the SBU man chained to the radiator, and then steel, in particular, to strangle him using a gas mask, beat the current and apply the water torture (waterboarding).

Simonovic said that the UN was forced to abandon the inspection last week because of the SBU refused to give her access to five secret prisons. The SBU refused to comment on The Times the charges of the UN, noting that he was not allowed inspection of the organization in the building, because there is no one contains.