“UTair” announced the impossibility of export of 400 tourists from Russia in Hainan

The airline “UTair” since June 3, could not provide the transport of tourists on the route Moscow ‒ Haikou (Hainan island, China) ‒ Moscow, which casts doubt on the possibility of export to Russia of 400 tourists, now resident on the island said on Friday the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to the airline.

“This situation is caused by the failure of the Main Directorate of civil aviation of China to issue the relevant permission to execute the Charter program to the island of Hainan carried out in the interests of the tour operator “Rus’tur”, — quotes Agency review of the airline.

The company noted that currently the island has more than 400 Russian tourists. “Given that the crossing of the Russian-Chinese border was carried out on a visa-free lists in the framework of the intergovernmental agreement signed between Russia and China, the sudden cessation of the Charter programme questioned the possible return of Russians to their homeland and is a flagrant violation of the agreement “On visa-free tourist trips,” said the airline.

The President of “UTair — Passenger airlines” Alexey Budnik said “RIA Novosti” that all necessary forms, as well as a note to the foreign Ministry, were sent to the Chinese side on 16 March. However, permission to perform flights in June, he said, was not obtained. Budnik added that currently, the decision of the question connected the aeronautical authorities of Russia.

As stated on the website of the tour operator “Rus’tur”, the company has been operating since 1992 and is engaged in organization of tourist trips to the countries of South-East Asia. A priority is China.

In the comments of the tour operator, which is available on the website TourDom.ru, it is noted that at the moment, tourists are offered tours to rebook for the next departure or you can make a full refund on application in the prescribed manner.

“The passengers who have to return on June 4 in the Hainan island, will be transported on scheduled flights in time. All the tourists were notified. Following the departure of the flight program from Moscow to Hainan – Moscow will be performed in accordance with the schedule without any changes”, – told in the company.