Conference CSR has identified three main systemic risk Russia

During the conference “Challenges to 2017”, which was conducted by the Center for strategic research (CSR), identified three main systemic risk of the Russian Federation, writes TASS. The head of the center Alexei Kudrin has listed their reporters.

“Three major systemic risk in Russia is inadequate to the challenges of governance and corruption, the problem of Russia’s positioning in relation to global capital markets and commodity markets. As well as the high level of uncertainty and unattractiveness of domestic investment,” — said Kudrin.

Kudrin also said that at the conference held panel discussions focused on three main areas: foreign and domestic policy and security, civil society and human capital, economic growth and macroeconomics. The data obtained during brainstorming will be used in the creation of the “program of development of the country after 2018,” which CSR writes by order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.