Kudrin took a year to develop main points of the agenda for Putin

Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin said that the main provisions of the program, which is being developed by order of the administration of the country, should be ready by the summer of 2017.

“Development of main provisions of this program will be completed by summer of next year” — quoted Kudrin “Interfax”. “In this case, the order of the President, and the administration of the President, and the President will determine the quality and capabilities of a number of materials and the entire program,” he said.

He said that the design of the programme will take into account the wishes of President Vladimir Putin, and the decision on it, according to Kudrin, will be made before the presidential election in 2018.

“Still, we are in the political process, so what we submit, will, ultimately, be determined on the willingness to use. I think that to make a decision [on the program] will be before the presidential elections,” Kudrin said and added that during the development of the program would be a series of meetings, the results of which will be considered proposals of the President.