The gap between opponents and supporters of EU declined

A little more than three weeks before a referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU, the gap between supporters and opponents of this step is reduced. About it reports on Saturday, Reuters, citing the findings of a survey conducted by Opinium.

According to the obtained results, that the country stays in the European Union, are going to vote 43% of Britons. While 41% of respondents said they would vote for the fact that the country left the EU. About 16% were undecided or refused to articulate his position.

The company conducted an online survey from 31 may to 3 June, and was attended by over 2 thousand Britons.

Opinium’s previous survey, the results of which were published on may 21, showed that that Britain remained in the EU, were made by 44% of respondents, against — 40%.

A referendum on British exit from the EU is scheduled for June 23. Eve in the country are the fierce debate between opponents and supporters of exit. In February this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that we have achieved in the negotiations with the EU special status for his country. The agreement involves, in particular, the independence of the financiers of the city of London from European regulators and the strengthening of the principle of circulation in the EU several currencies. The contract also refers to the formal recognition of the right of great Britain to the rejection of further integration. Now Cameron, who earlier advocated withdrawal from the EU, campaigning in favour of keeping the country in the European Union.