The head of the Crimea urged Ukrainians “not to kill a Russian”

Speaking at the forum in Livadia, Aksenov said that the Ukrainian authorities impose on its citizens Russophobia as the state ideology and thus push them to spiritual and political suicide, informs the Agency “RIA Novosti”. According to him, such regimes are “condemn the people of their countries the role of biomass”, the raison d’être of which is to service the so-called “Golden billion”.

The head of the Crimea called on citizens of Ukraine “not to kill a Russian”, because by doing so they kill themselves as the heirs of “the great common history and culture”.

Feldman also predicted that Ukraine under the current regime, “waiting for the dictatorship, tyranny and terror”.

The head of the Crimea noted that the forced Ukrainization in the region was conducted last 25 years, and now the Peninsula to overcome its consequences.

Also the head of the Crimea said that the Peninsula is “on the forefront of information, ideological, economic war waged against the Russian world”. According to him, it is necessary to stop all attempts to conduct anti-state activities under the pretext of criticism of the authorities. “Freedom of speech and expression ends where it begins a vicious slander against our country, our history, our values, our way of life,” he said.