The SBU reported on the suppression of attempt of export of the plant from Kharkov to Russia

The security service of Ukraine announced that it foiled an attempt of dismantling and export to Russia of equipment at the Kharkov tractor factory (HTZ). This is stated in the message Department.

“Appointed in March 2016 new General Director of the company, at the direction of the owners of Khartsyzsk pipe, has conducted preparation for dismantling for further export to Russia of equipment of foundries. To smuggle abroad was prepared by the technical and design documentation for the production plant”, — is spoken in the message.

The property of the plant and its accounts were arrested. In the SBU said that thanks to the timely intervention managed to prevent the “loss of production equipment and unique design documentation”. In addition, as a result of the dismantling work would have lost about a thousand of qualified employees.

“The implementation of these plans would lead to complete cessation of activities of the Kharkov tractor plant, which was planned placement of the order of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine”, — explained in the secret service.

CEO of the company, whose name is in the message not mentioned is suspected of preparation for a crime and sabotage. The report says that he is wanted, and the court has already granted permission for his detention his delivery in court for election of a preventive measure.