The Syrian army came closer to the main stronghold of ISIS

As reported by Reuters, citing the Syrian Observatory for human rights, the government army with the active support of the Russian aircraft managed to break through the defensive positions of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) in the region of the Itria in the East of Hama province and to break into the neighboring province of raqqa.

On the eve news Agency FARS reported about the successful promotion of the government army, supported by Russian military helicopters that did not allow the militants to regroup quickly.

At the same time the offensive in Raqqa from the North are Kurdish troops, supported by American advisers. In recent weeks they managed to move South and closer to 10-15 kilometers, occupying a number of small settlements.

Islamic state fighters have to fight on a third front, that is turning the Iraqi army, leading battles for Fallujah and other cities in Anbar province.