The US has urged Kiev to investigate the facts from the UN report on torture in the Donbass

The official U.S. state Department spokesman mark Toner during a press conference on Friday, June 3, commented on the situation with the UN report on “systematic torture” used by employees of the security Service of Ukraine in respect of people suspected to be sympathetic to the militia of Donbass. Toner said that the United States is deeply concerned about the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine and “once more” urge “so-called authorities of the separatist regions” to stop “human rights violations, including killings, torture, ill-treatment, unlawful detention, forced labour and restrictions on freedom of movement, peaceful Assembly and freedom of speech”.

“And at the same time, we urge the government of Ukraine to ensure prompt, thorough and transparent investigation and appropriate prosecution of all persons responsible for alleged cases of abuse by [Ukrainian] forces, including those described in the UN report,” said Toner.

He added that the United States urges the Ukrainian government to bring to justice those who are involved in these incidents. Answering the question about the investigation of a fire in the House of trade unions that occurred in Odessa on 2 may 2014, Toner said that this case should be “immediately and fully investigated by the Ukrainian authorities”.

That the security Service of Ukraine systematically uses torture against people who support the militia of Donbass, said on the eve of the Times newspaper, assistant UN Secretary General for human rights Ivan šimonović.

According to Šimonović, the UN report on the situation in Ukraine. reported “hundreds of cases of illegal detention, torture and ill-treatment” as part of the militia and Kiev.

Šimonović gave examples of torture used. He talked about the fact that one of the detainees was hit with a stun gun, and then forced to admit on camera that he is “a member of an armed group”. Another man was strangled with a gas mask and was electrocuted, said the assistant UN Secretary General.

Later a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya denied this information, stating that the service adheres to the “norms of the Ukrainian legislation”.