China responded to the accusations about Kerry’s creating tension in the disputed waters

China is not afraid of challenges posed by other States in the South China sea, and does not create them, said following the speech by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry in Mongolia Deputy chief of the General staff of the people’s liberation army of China, Admiral sun Jianguo, speaking at a security conference in Asia and Singapore, reports Reuters.

“We do not create problems, but we are not afraid,” said Jianguo. He noted that China will not be held responsible for the actions of other States in the region, “will not allow any attack on its sovereignty and interests in the security sphere, and also will not remain indifferent to the attempts of some countries to wreak havoc in the South China sea”.

While Deputy chief of General staff said that China plans to resolve the issue “through dialogue”. “China has the patience and wisdom to settle disputes through dialogue. We also believe that the countries involved have the wisdom and patience to create the world. I have always believed that shaking hands is better than clenching fists”, — said Jianguo.

The Chinese General made his statement after Secretary of state John Kerry during his visit to Mongolia said that the American side will be viewed as “provocative and destabilizing act” establishment of the Beijing area air defense (PVO) in the South China sea. Kerry, after planning of Mongolia to visit China, stressed that China’s actions will be “automatically raise tensions and call into question Beijing’s commitment to a diplomatic resolution of disputes in the region.

On Saturday, the Pentagon chief ash Carter stated that China’s actions in the South China sea could lead to international isolation of the country. In response, the Jianguo said that Beijing “has not been isolated in the past and is not isolated in the present and will not be isolated in the future.” “I am concerned that some people and countries are still looking at China with the mentality and prejudice of the cold war. They can build a wall in their minds that eventually will lead to their own isolation,” he said.

Disagreements between China and Southeast Asia, and the US relate to Maritime boundaries and areas of responsibility in the South China sea.