Germany has granted Russia of “partners” in “the rivals”

The German government has updated the editors of the White book” — a guide that contains the main guidelines on the conduct of the national security policy of the country. In the updated edition of Russia to Germany “is no longer a partner, and rival,” according to Di Welt.

The publication notes that changes in the “White paper” has not been amended since 2006. The new version States that the world security “has changed dramatically”, all became “complicated, volatile and difficult to predict”.

The German government now believes that “Russia is no longer a partner, and rival,” the newspaper said. The document notes that Russia “is ready to forcefully advance its interests,” and cited as examples the events in the Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine.

Of particular concern to the German government called “hybrid instruments to blur the boundaries between war and peace” and “subversive activities against other countries,” the newspaper said.

“Without a fundamental change of course in Russia in the foreseeable future will be a threat to the security of our continent,” – said in the White paper.

In addition to Russia, the threats to the national security of Germany in the new edition of the White book named terrorism, cyber crime, uncontrolled migration, nationalism, arms race, global warming and epidemics.

A new edition of the White book, comprising 80 pages, was prepared by the Ministry of defence in cooperation with other agencies responsible for national security. The document must be approved and submitted by the government.