Media reported about the desire of “Rosatom” to invest 83 billion RUB in microgeneration

The structure of “Rosatom” applied for the construction of wind farms with a capacity of approximately 610 MW, while they are willing to invest in these projects about 83 billion rubles, writes “Kommersant”. According to the publication, proposals submitted in the framework of the contest of investment projects in the field of renewable energy sources (RES). The newspaper said that the localization of equipment for these projects can provide the machine-building division of state Corporation.

The newspaper cites “trading system Administrator”, on which the competitive selection of renewable energy investment projects there were applications for the construction of wind energy to 610 MW in 2018-2020.

The newspaper’s sources in the industry said that applied to the structure of “Rosatom”: the applicant made “Matrook” (part of otek, control power system “Rosatom”), the guarantor was “Rosenergoatom”. Of the applications implies that the investor is willing to enter in 2018, three stations of 150 MW in 2019 — ten wind power plants (WPP) 200 MW, and in 2020 — 13 VES at 260 MW.

To get the increased rate of generated microelectronicii power, investors are required to use localized equipment. Under the terms of the contest in the first years you can use Russian accessories — towers, rotors and more. However, by 2020 it is already necessary to bring the level of localization to a high level and to use generators and blades produced in Russia, told the newspaper.

A source in the structures of Rosatom, said that the Corporation is looking for a technology partner among manufacturers of equipment for wind farms, in order to localize production.