Snowden told about the surveillance of US authorities for the people of Japan

A former employee of the national security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden has warned Japanese citizens that the US government has installed a total surveillance of every person in Japan. Your comment Snowden made via video link from Russia during a Symposium in Tokyo on security issues, reports The Japan Times.

“They know what your religious views. You know, someone you love. You know, the one you care <…> our job was to recreate the picture of life of every person,” he said.

The newspaper reminds that Snowden lived in Japan from 2009 to 2011. Then he was an employee of computer giant Dell Inc., worked under contract with the NSA for the surveillance program on the American Yokota air base.

Speaking about the threats facing Japanese society, Snowden cited a lack of citizen participation in the system of control over the secrecy and the weak participation of citizens in controlling the government.

As an example, he named came into force in 2014, the official secrets act, which entitles ministrative and departments at their discretion attributed to the state secret information from areas such as defence, counter-terrorism, and others. According to ex-NSA employee, such a law is “a fundamental danger to democracy.”

In an interview with Japanese weekly magazine ” Sunday Mainichi Snowden said that the adoption of this law was proposed and developed by the U.S. government in order to facilitate espionage activities of the NSA in Japan.