Brother bill Clinton was arrested for “drunk driving”

Roger Clinton, half-brother of former U.S. President, was arrested by the police of the city of Redondo beach in California on Sunday evening, June 5, CNN reported, citing local police. Lieutenant Joe Hoffman told CNN that Clinton “was taken to jail Redondo beach, where he refused to undergo a medical examination, and was placed into custody on suspicion of driving while intoxicated”.

A police spokesman added that the next day Clinton made bail and was released from custody. As CNN notes, the security Deposit amounted to $15 thousand He will have to stand trial in California on 2 September.

Roger Clinton in 1985 was convicted of distribution of cocaine and spent more than a year zaklyuchenii. In 2001 bill Clinton, then held the post of President of the United States pardoned a half-brother, removing his criminal record.

According to CNN, the arrest of Roger happened two days before the next primaries of the Democratic party, which involved bill Clinton’s wife Hillary.

The results of the last intra-party polls, Clinton leads the race for the opportunity to run as a candidate for the presidency from the Democrats. For the nomination for U.S. President from the Democratic party candidate must garner support from 2383 delegates. According to CNN, Clinton is now 2357 votes delegates, including 547 votes of the so-called super-delegates. Her nearest competitor, Bernie Sanders, for the moment, 1567 votes delegates, including 46 of the votes of super-delegates.