Minister of economy of France threw eggs

Opponents of labor law reform threw eggs at the Minister of Economics of France Emmanuel Makron, reports BFMTV. The incident occurred on Monday morning during the visit of Macron in the municipality of Montreuil, located in the East of Paris.

The trip was timed to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the French popular front. Several dozen activists greeted the Minister outside the mail, unfurled a banner reading “Strike is better than a costume” and started shouting “Get out!”, to demand the withdrawal of labour law reforms and threw eggs at him.

The police pushed the crowd and held a Minister in the building.

Makron himself then stated that he was “not talking about the laws in the language of the eggs and beatings”. Later in an interview with BFMTV he said he usually comes in contact during the demonstration but what happened today has called “unacceptable”. He also referred to the words of the local MP, Razzy Hamadi, according to which people, sucidava Minister of the eggs were not members of a trade Union Montreuil, and “professional agitators”.

The macron is often criticized French trade unions and left-wing radicals. In their view, a non-partisan Minister in the government of socialists spends too liberal policy that does not meet the expectations of the workers.